Breaking News: Corona RN Victory

October 2015

On October 26, Corona RN Jeannine Wakehouse was sharing information and pizza with fellow Corona RNs in break rooms throughout the hospital. Various managers tried to force her to leave, until a contingent of managers banded together to try to banish her from the Mother-Baby break room.

Wakehouse knew her rights and stood her ground!

On October 27, access to break rooms and Wakehouse specifically came up at the bargaining table. Wakehouse explained her story in detail, and she and other members of our bargaining team told management Wakehouse has a legal right to be in break rooms.

UHS-Corona management capitulated and agreed: All RNs have a right to be in break rooms, even if they are off-work. 

As a result, UHS-Corona management will re-train their supervisors so this will not happen again.

Click here for a PDF version of the flyer.