BPPC Meeting

December 2012

Beverly Hospital Management and Union representatives met on November 19, 2012 for the Beverly Professional Practice Council (BPPC) on a greet and meet basis.

BPPC is a joint chairmanship composed of 5 Union member Registered Nurses and 5 members of nursing Management.  BPPC will meet a minimum of eight (8) times within a twelve (12) month period.

The Union and the Hospital seek to develop and maintain the highest level of patient care.  The BPPC provides a collaborative setting to review, address and attempt to resolve professional nursing issues such as:

1. Quality of care/national quality initiatives
2. Care delivery systems
3. Floating concerns
4. Policies and procedures in relation to nursing practice
5. Professional practices
6. Legal updates with impacts to nursing practice
7. Evaluation of tools
8. Literature review
9. Nurse-patient ratio
10. Staffing

With BPPC, we hope to reach mutually acceptable resolutions to all issues presented by either the Hospital or the Union.  If you have any suggestions or concerns, please contact Isaac Saroia (President), Mirka Bojarczak (V.P), Susan Justin (Treasurer), Mayet Rivas (Secretary) and Lystra McLean (MCH), who represent you and are your voice in the BPPC.

Please email us at BHRNAofficers@gmail.com