Board of Registered Nursing is Restored

February 2012

Governor Jerry Brown announced late Tuesday he signed Senate Bill 98, the legislation reconstituting the California Board of Registered Nursing (BRN). At the end of 2011, Brown vetoed a bill that would have extended the BRN's existence, causing the board that regulates all Registered Nurses in the state of California to disband after 106 years.

SB 98 funds the BRN through 2015. The entire board will be reappointed under the new bill. We look forward to working with the Governor on appointments.

The Board of Registered Nursing has 9 members. Seven are appointed by the Governor, one is appointed by the Speaker of the Assembly, and one by the California Senate President pro Tem. Below is a more detailed breakdown of these appointments.

Governor Appointments: five practicing RN appointments, ranging from 2-4 years; two public appointments, one 1 year appointment, one 5 year appointment
Speaker Appointment: one 4 year public appointment
Pro Tem Appointment: one 4 year public appointment