Biographies of Newly Elected PMRNA Officers

February 2013

Andrelin Zulueta – Vice-President

After the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, Andrelin Zulueta joined the US Army and became one of the Combat Medics of the 1-185th Combined Arms Battalion. From 2004 to 2005, he was deployed with his unit in the Operation Iraqi Freedom. After his successful deployment, Andrelin pursued undergraduate study. In 2008, Andrelin earned both a Bachelor of Science in Biology and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from California State University, San Bernardino. After obtaining his RN license, he started his employment at VA Loma Linda (2SE/4SW Unit). In 2012, Andrelin completed an advance practice MSN degree in Adult Clinical Nurse Specialist from Azusa Pacific University.

In his spare time, Andrelin Zulueta enjoys gardening, carpentry projects, and oil painting. He enjoys strolling around his neighborhood and visiting museums and nature parks.

Andrelin Zulueta’s military service makes him live up to the Army values and the sense of defending and protecting his friends and family. These values also make him an effective leader and a loyal follower. He likes to take on adventures and works hard to overcome his challenges. Andrelin Zulueta looks forward to his new role as Vice-President of PMRNA.

Victoria Jezik - Treasurer

Victoria Jezik has been described by her colleagues and supervisors as an intelligent, conscientious, compassionate team-player and leader with a true passion for the Nursing profession. In August 2007, Victoria began her Nursing career when she was hired as a Critical Care Nurse at Jerry L. Pettis VA Medical Center. In addition to bedside nurse, she has filled other roles including preceptor and researcher. She is also a member of the Rapid Response Team.

Victoria Jezik’s zest for learning led her to pursue her Critical Care Registered Nurse certification and her Cardiovascular Medicine Certification through the American Association of Critical Care Nurses which she received in 2010 and 2012 respectively. She also earned two Bachelor’s degrees within the last ten years. In August 2002, Victoria graduated from the University of San Diego with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and Minor in Spanish. In August 2007, she completed the requirements for a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing from Loma Linda University.

Some of Victoria Jezik’s hobbies include jogging, martial arts, weight-lifting, and salsa dancing. She loves to travel and is also an avid reader.

Victoria Jezik has been a dedicated member of UNAC for approximately 2 years. She is committed to UNAC’s mission. She strongly believes in supporting nurses personally and professionally, enabling them to provide the highest quality of care possible. Victoria Jezik is very excited to begin her new office as Treasurer.

Michelle Lanorias – Association Representative Coordinator

Michelle Lanorias has always been told she has a nurturing soul. To help others in need is her life’s desire which led her down the path of nursing. Michelle began her nursing career at Loma Linda Veteran’s Hospital as an LVN on the telemetry ward. After 2 years as an LVN, Michelle went back to school to obtain her RN license. She has been an ICU RN for 6 years. Michelle functions in other nursing roles such as resource nurse and preceptor. In the near future, Michelle plans to pursue a BSN degree. Other future goals include pursuing dual degrees in advance nursing practice as Nurse Practitioner and Clinical Nurse Specialist.

Michelle Lanorias is outgoing, open, perceptive and attentive - characteristics that would aide her in her role as the Associate Representative. Family is of upmost importance to Michelle because her family laid the foundation she built upon. Her family provides her with strength, will and courage to pursue any path that is laid before her. Because of a supportive family, Michelle accomplished numerous endeavors.

The main focus and motivation of Michelle Lanorias’ nursing career is patient-centered care. Patient safety, delivery of quality care and her high regard for the nursing profession influence Michelle’s nursing practice. She believes that nurses should be treated fairly and professionally in the work environment in order for them to provide the best care that veterans deserve. Michelle firmly believes that every employee/professional must make every effort to know his or her rights and to know how to effectively and professionally exercise those rights. According to Jesse Moore, “One voice may be ignored, but a million requests will be heard.”

Benjamin Disraeli said, “The greatest good you can do for another is not just to share in your own riches, but to reveal to him his own.” Michelle Lanorias believes Disraeli summarized succinctly the way of life and in leaving a legacy. Michelle empowers others not only through sharing her knowledge and inner strength, but also through encouraging others to discover their courage and inner strength to advocate for themselves and for their patients. Michelle Lanorias believes that through unification, our collective voices will be heard and our goals will be attained.