Big Victory for Nurses’ Rights At Inland Valley & Rancho Springs

November 2013

Nurses at Inland Valley and Rancho Springs have won a huge victory for our rights:

  • To speak up together for our patients
  • To act collectively for our own protection
  • To form a union if we choose

In a settlement with UNAC/UHCP, management has agreed to:

  • Comply with the terms of the notice at right
  • Post the notice in our breakrooms and other conspicuous places for 60 days
  • Remove discipline which the NLRB charged was unlawful from a nurse’s personnel file

This settles the charges brought by the National Labor Relations Board against Inland Valley and Rancho Springs Medical Centers for interrogation, threats, discrimination, surveillance and creating false hopes of fixing problems in our hospitals, leading up to our original union election dates in January.

Download a leaflet with more information to share with co-workers.