Big Victory for Corona Nurses

November 2013

Corona Nurses know that we voted decisively for our Union. Now a Judge has agreed, with a decision issued Friday recommending that the results of our election to join UNAC/UHCP be certified.

Administrative Law Judge Mary Cracraft's decision recommended that Corona’s objections be overruled completely. Judge Cracaft found that the Corona physicians who supposedly coerced employees to vote for the Union were not managers or supervisors of the Employer. She further found that, even assuming the Corona physicians were managers, the statements attributed to the physicians did not affect the outcome of the election.

The remaining objections filed by Corona administration to prevent us, nurses who voted to form a union so that we could bargain over our working conditions and patient care, were all dismissed.

Next Steps

  • Management needs to accept the decision of the nurses and Judge and sit down with the nurses and negotiate.
  • Corona will likely continue to file challenges or exceptions with the National Labor Relations Board to try to prevent a voice in patient care

In the meantime, we the nurses will continue to :

  • Act together in solidarity against the use of travelers and the calling off of full time staff.
  • Fight to defend the rights of nurses to speak up about patient care issues at the hospital.