Big Victory for Corona Nurses

February 2014

A legal decision recently came down in favor of RNs at Corona Regional Medical Center who voted last January to join UNAC/UHCP. An Administrative Law Judge recommended that the Corona nurses’ election be certified. Though the certification is not final, it’s a strong sign and a big victory.

Hospital management had charged that doctors coerced the nurses to vote union, but Judge Cracraft found that physicians were not managers or supervisors and that their statements did not affect the outcome of the decisive vote. The hospital’s other objections were also dismissed.

The hospital continues trying to delay the day when nurses will win their voice at the hospital, by filing exceptions to the Judge’s decision. UNAC/UHCP has filed an answering legal brief. We expect that within a few months the National Labor Relations Board will certify the Corona nurses’ election. In the meantime, they continue to function like a union, fighting the use of travelers and defending nurses rights to speak up for their patients.