Beverly Hospital Registered Nurses Association Officially Joins UNAC/UHCP Executive Council

September 2012

After a protracted campaign that spanned over 18 months, the Beverly Hospital Registered Nurses Association was officially seated at the United Nurses Associations of California/Union of Health Care Professionals Executive Council on Saturday, September 15. A motion to approve affiliate number 47 was unanimously approved and a round of applause filled the room as the deed was done.

The four affiliate officers--President: Isaac Saroia, PACU, Vice President: Mirka Bojarczak, ICU, Secretary: Marites “Mayet” Riva, Tele, and Treasurer: Susan Justin, ICU-- will receive additional training on how to run an affiliate in the coming weeks, beyond the time they've already spent learning the ropes.

After the day of meetings, the officers agreed that they found their first executive council meeting "overwhelming but exciting." Said Mayet Riva, newly elected Secretary, "Hopefully next time we will be able to ask more questions and participate more."

Welcome to the UNAC/UHCP family!