Beverly RNs: Time to Vote for Our Constitution and Nominate Officers

July 2012

The process of forming our union is almost complete. We won a strong contract. Now we need to adopt a constitution and elect officers for our affiliate.

What's Next:

1. Adopting a Constitution: From now until July 27 we can vote to adopt our proposed constitution. Information on how to vote has been mailed to our homes.

2. Nominating Officers: From now until July 27 we can nominate ourselves and our co-workers to run for elected office for our affiliate. Nominations forms and information have been mailed to our homes.

3. Electing Officers: Between July 30 and August 7 we can vote for our officers. We can vote at on-site meetings or by mail. The ballots will be counted on August 8.

If you haven't already signed a membership card so you can vote, contact Moises at moises.alarcon@unacuhcp.org | (909) 451-1826 or Kuu at kuusela.hilo@unacuhcp.org | (909) 241-8733.

Don't forget to attend our Contract Enforcement classes to learn about the benefits and rights we won in our contract.

Download a leaflet with this information to print and share with co-workers (two pages)