Beverly RNs Speak Out for Safe Staffing

September 2011

Nearly 30 RNs, from every unit, spoke out with examples of unsafe staffing at Beverly, in bargaining on Friday September 23.

We presented a huge poster board of signed petitions and cards from Beverly RNs protesting unsafe staffing conditions.

Zeidy Gomez, L&D Night Shift Nurse, told management about “an incident when management took my coworker out of my unit, leaving me alone. She was taken from the L&D and floated to Pediatrics because they had a high census and new admissions. Management could have just taken the traveler from ECC and let my colleague stay. It is not safe to be working alone in the L&D."

Telemetry RNs told of unsafe floating to ICU. They were promised stable patients and no admits. But they were assigned unstable patients with multiple drips for which they had no competencies. 

After our presentations demonstrated the need, we presented our Patient Care proposal. Copies will be available at the hospital.

Two Agreements Reached

The RN Bargaining Team and management reached agreement on two issues Friday:

1. Union Recognition requires management to negotiate with our Union on all issues related to wages, benefits and working conditions.

2. Medical Exams required by the hospital (typically when an RN is returning from a medical LOA). We protected our right to a minimum 72 hours notice for any required exam.

The Bargaining Team wants to recognize all the RNs who attended bargaining. Your presence makes a huge difference!