Beverly Management Wants Right to Terminate RNs Without Recourse

November 2011

Today we demanded that management agree to Just Cause and Arbitration.

Just Cause means that RNs are entitled to “due process” for any alleged violations.

With Just Cause, if an RN is accused of doing something wrong, management must fully investigate. The RN can also fully investigate and present their side of the story. Just Cause also means no disciplinary action against an RN in a manner that doesn’t fit the alleged issue. For example, being terminated for a first offense.

Management wants to be able to terminate or discipline an RN for any reason without following Just Cause.

To add insult to injury, management refuses to agree to an arbitration process. Arbitration allows RNs the right to have an independent third party arbitrator hear the facts and decide if management’s actions were fair and correct.

We formed a union to have a voice in our profession, and with a union contract we are protected against unfair discipline and termination. Those of us who work at other Union hospitals have Just Cause and Arbitration in our contracts. Beverly should live up to the standards of area hospitals, in our contract and in committing resources to patient care.

Union Proposes to Begin Wage/Economic Negotiations

We are ready to negotiate wages and benefits, but Beverly management has refused to provide bargaining dates. It has taken months to reach the agreements we’ve made, because management refused to negotiate more than 2-4 times a month.

For us to present our economic proposal management must agree to negotiate. So far, they have refused to provide dates other than December 7 and 15. Instead Beverly is spending tens of thousands of dollars on an attorney whose only job is to delay negotiations, thousands of dollars that could be spent on patient care.

Tell Beverly Management:
Agree to Just Cause, Arbitration and Bargaining Dates

Next Bargaining Sessions:
December 7, 15 and 28

For more information, contact Kuusela Hilo at 909-241-8733 or kuusela@unacuhcp.org.