Beverly Bargaining Update: June 9, 2011

June 2011

Beverly Negotiations Continue to Progress

Our voices were heard and management responded with 9 proposals and/or counter proposals at today’s negotiations. We T/A’d one more Article, Savings Clause.

Our team worked hard, even working thru lunch to prepare our T/A and proposals on Seniority, Job Postings, Health and Safety and Probation and Evaluations.

Exchanges across the bargaining table were engaging and productive.  Contact your CAT or BT member for additional information. 

Thanks to all Beverly RNs who again supported us with your presence!!
Our next scheduled bargaining dates are June 16 and 23.

Negotiations will take place at the Doubletree Hotel @ 888 Montebello Blvd, Rosemead, #323-722-8800 (next to Montebello Mall).   

Come out and see your team in action!!