Beverly Bargaining Update: July 7, 2011

July 2011


A representative group of Beverly RNs spoke up at today’s negotiations requesting that management agree to schedule bargaining at Beverly Hospital.  Management made excuses: "no place large enough," "space in HR is not conducive to meeting there," "computers and printers taking up space," etc, etc…

Management presented a proposal on the meal break issue today that would require lunch to be taken between 9:30 and noon, or between 2:00 and 4:30, but would prohibit lunch between 12:00 and 2:00. Our Bargaining Team remained receptive and open minded but had great difficulty understanding the wisdom (or lack thereof) in this proposal.

Management also claimed: “You have a designated lunch relief nurse.”  Have you ever seen yours?? 

Management says: “When YOU choose quality patient care and safety over taking a break, that’s your choice.”  Management denies responsibility as long as they have provided you an opportunity to take a break.  They don’t seem to “get it.”  This is not about “choice,” it’s about commitment to quality patient care! Where is their sense of commitment to caring for patients and nurses? What happened to “We Care Always”?                         

Management refuses to assure the composition and integrity of Union membership for the term of the contract. Beverly RNs worked hard to win our union election. Management refuses to accept our proposal to maintain our membership for the term of our contract!

You can see by today’s negotiations that we are in for a challenging fight. With your support we shall WIN a fair contract.

Your involvement = a strong contract!!

Actions do speak louder than words so please speak loudly and join us!! Come out and see your team in action!!