Beverly Bargaining Update: July 28, 2011

July 2011


When did you last have an uninterrupted 30 minute meal period? OR even your 10 minute breaks? Are you clocking out and continuing to work? Are you placing your license at risk?

Management brought our negotiating team a mock-up schedule of their proposed lunch/break plan with NO provision for coverage!

Management AGAIN states they WILL NOT under any circumstance provide staff for lunch relief in any other form than the Charge Nurse!

AGAIN, our team proposed meeting at Beverly Hospital. They “will get back to you on that…”


Email us your staffing horror stories to publicaffairs@unacuhcp.org
OR call LA County Public Health to report your concern: 626-569-3724

Click here to see our Patient Advocacy (staffing) proposal.

Bring a friend and come to our next round of negotiations to hear management’s response to our Staffing Proposal: August 11, 12 and 17, place TBD.

Why is Beverly Hospital hemorrhaging RNs to other UNAC/UHCP hospitals?

Could it be better staffing?
Could it be patient safety?
Could it be a safer work environment?
Could it be professionalism and respect?
Could it be job security?

If you are concerned with any of these issues get to your nearest bargaining session and make your voice heard!

NOW, management wants to DICTATE to you WHO is qualified to be YOUR Union Representative!! Here goes Beverly management, up to the same old tricks!

Tell management, “BACK OFF!” Don’t mess with our UNION!