Bargaining Update: Orientation and Training

March 2012

The negotiating team focused on language concerning orientation and training. During the organizing campaign, we heard many concerns such as:

• Inadequate orientation for new hires or transfers into new positions
• Inconsistency in training programs
• Lack of training for legal mandates, for example, a new form is required by law, and you are expected to begin filling it out next week without any training
• Lack of appropriate resources to do our jobs, for example lack of HealthConnect access or pager or phone not provided in a timely manner

We believe the contract language will correct the above issues.

As promised, the negotiating team has given consensus on three potential names for our bargaining group. Please follow the link to vote on our name by 5 PM on Friday, March 9.

We return to the table next week-- March 6 and 7.