Bargaining Update: March 30, 2012

March 2012

The Specialty Care Nurses of Southern California (SCNSC) will return to the negotiation table on April 11 and April 12.

When we left the table last week, we were in disagreement with management over how to fairly fill vacancies and guarantee we receive the vacation time we earn. Many of you have told us how difficult it is to get approved time off work. You have considerable earned time on the books that you are never allowed to use. Many are capped at how much vacation you may use.

Some examples of the vacation policies SCNSC now face:
• Some members earn five weeks a year, but can only use three weeks per year, and no more than two weeks together.
• Some members are told to put in a request by a deadline for the whole year, and if you miss the deadline, you may not get any vacation approved for the rest of the year.
• To our horror, we heard at one facility that vacation is granted dependent on your attendance record, even if you had approved sick time for an illness!

All of this is unacceptable to the team and surely to you too. The team will continue to work this with management for consensus.

"Every UNAC/UHCP member needs to stand up in these negotiations because our future depends on the outcome."
-- Liza Ventura, RN, Case Manager, Regional Offices

"Every UNAC/UHCP member needs to stand up in these negotiations because Kaiser promised certain benefits and is now going back on their word."
--Teresa Kelley, RN, Case Manager, San Diego