Bargaining Update: April 6, 2012

April 2012

The SCNSC Negotiating team will start back in negotiations this next week on April 11 and April 12 after having a brief break. The team is rested and energized, ready to have some tough conversations on fair granting of vacations, and fair process for filling of vacancies as shared last week and much more. Thank you from the team for all the input we are receiving from all of you via emails and conversations with us and the UNAC/UHCP Organizing team. This information is very helpful.

Every UNAC member needs to stand up in these negotiations because we represent a specialty group of nurses who have always placed our patients first and therefore we need to be respected and treated fairly.

--Vicki Austin, RN
Case Manager, Zion Medical Center, San Diego

Even though we are living in financially hard times, Kaiser is making profits and doesn’t need to cut our benefits.
--Jill Gonzales, RN
Case Manager Irvine Medical Center