Balboa Negotiations Coming Soon

September 2013

RNs at Balboa Naval Hospital will soon begin bargaining under conditions unfamiliar to most UNAC/UHCP members. They’re not allowed to bargain wages, which are set by the Department of Defense in Washington, D.C. The DOD also has to approve the final contract. BRNA has endured furloughs this fiscal year due to Congress’s “sequestration” budget cuts and may face them next fiscal year. Also, Balboa abides by federal not state law so they don’t have to follow California’s staffing ratios. That’s one of the issues they hope to tackle in negotiations.

Still, both BRNA President Marlene Ruddy and new VP Maria Martin are optimistic. As President, Marlene has helped double the membership, and BRNA’s first Contract Action Team is eagerly signing up more new members. BRNA’s first bargaining survey has been sent. “We need to get everyone involved in the process,” Marlene says. “It’s important that everyone feel represented.”