Anaheim Emergency RNs Speak Up for Patient Care

August 2012

More than 30 RNs from the Anaheim and Irvine Emergency Department came together at a grievance meeting to present evidence on why the staggered existing shifts are best for patient care. This meeting took place after Kaiser management, without RN input, decided to place all Anaheim Emergency Department RNs on uniform shifts from 8 to 8.

“It is our aim as nurses to protect our current schedule which has proven to be the Best Practice in the Emergency Departments around the nation. Our Staggered Staffing Model is utilized to provide the best patient safety tool that we have.” —Caroline Radovan-Gale, RN, Charge

During the meeting, witnesses noted there was no operational need for the change in the schedule. There are more than twice as many patients in the ED beginning at noon and then continuing throughout the day. The major concern is maintaining ratio. Every other Kaiser facility has varied shifts that account for patient flux and ratio implementation.

A special thanks to all the RNs who participated in the grievance meeting, and sent letters of support. Check our website for updates.