A Special Message from Sonia Moseley, NP

March 2012

Sonia Moseley, RN

Sonia Moseley, NP

As health care professionals, we spend our entire working lives taking care of other people. At the point when we retire, we have demonstrated a profound commitment not just to our profession and our patients, but to Kaiser.

Kaiser has sent a clear message through recent actions that it wants to shift the burden of retiree healthcare costs onto us. They have proposed enormous changes to retiree health benefits in bargaining with other unions, and we can expect the same.

I’ve been retired for five years. Our union stood up and fought for the benefits and working conditions that Kaiser healthcare professionals now have. I’m proud of what we stood for. An entire generation of registered nurses, NPs, PAs, and Optometrists are the beneficiaries of our hard work. Now it’s your turn to protect and advance our professional standards for the next generation. Say no to any takeaways!

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