UNAC/UHCP Scholarship Review Brunch

March 2016

2016 Scholarship Review Brunch


The 2016 application period for the UNAC/UHCP Scholarship Program is now closed. With hundreds of applications to review, we opened up the opportunity for members to review and score a subset of scholarship applications on Saturday, March 12.

This year's scholarship review brunch was a huge success! Volunteers from UNAC/UHCP affiliates were able to connect with other UNAC/UHCP members as they read and scored applications together. The scholarship program would not be possible without all of this year's amazing volunteers.

We'd like to recognize everyone who came out for a fun day of food, raffles, and application scoring:

Christina Achebe, SCNSC
Hortencia Arriaga, KRHCPA
Jacqueline Asfall, KBPRNA
Sarah Becaro, KOCPA
Jonathan Bestwick, KBPRNA
Carina Castanar, KOVHCPA
Marlene Castanon, SFRNA
Wendy Chang, KBPRNA
Socorro Constantino, KFRNA
Gabriel DeSouza, KWHRNA
Autumn Diede, KWHRNA
Edwina Fisher, KRHCPA
Leti Garcia, KRHCPA
Sheri Gotanda, UPSC
Donna Knoch, Retiree Chapter
Joyce Luo, KOCPA
Cecilia Musa-Lee, KBPRNA
Sophia Ramirez, KSBHPA
Corina Zana, KDRNA